About Statistiska Konsultgruppen

Professional Statistics within time

Statistiska Konsultgruppen has more than 30 years experience of statistics in clinical trials and medical research. Our experience from research is not only deep but also wide; from studies on rare diseases with few patients to large epidemiological studies. The majority of our customers are companies developing medicinal products and medical devices, and medical researchers at colleges and universities.

Statistiska Konsultgruppen translates to The Statistical Consulting Group

Our business revolves around assisting researchers and businesses with our expertise, and experience in every phase of a project, from planning to publication. From our offices in Gothenburg Sweden we offer support both remotely and on site.

Among our past clients, we have researchers from Örebro University Hospital, Södra Älvsborg Hospital, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and the University of Gothenburg.

Mail: mail@stat-grp.se
Tel: (+46) 709 63 36 13