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This is our most requested services, but we always adapt our services to each customer's needs. Contact us to find out more.

Clinical Trials
Within Clinical Trials we perform all Statistical and Data Management tasks in all phases I-IV within regulatory requirements. The Statistical Report of the study will be produced within weeks from Clean File including all tables, figures and listings. We have extensive international experiences, including FDA submissions, and welcome clients from all around the world. Read more

Statistics in Medical Research
In the planning stage we help you with the design, sample size calculation, randomization procedure and choice of control group. The company has two key competences: Selecting the correct most efficient statistical method and perform the statistical analysis and present the results in tables and figures ready for the article. We also assist you in writing statistical methods and results and take care of statistical questions from reviewers. Read more

Statistical consultations
We offer statistical consultation and advice for projects, for example concerning the choice of statistical method or experimental design. The consultation becomes a discussion in which we answer the issues are and explains what's important statistically for the current project. If you are not familiar with statistical software, we can later perform the analysis or provide tips and short customized courses on how to implement the relevant analysis in SAS or SPSS.

Mail: mail@stat-grp.se
Tel: (+46) 709 63 36 13